Why Twitter Is Bad

Twitter has been around for over a decade, and in that time it’s become one of the most popular social media platforms. However, there are many reasons why Twitter is bad. In this post, we’ll cover some of the main reasons why Twitter is not ideal for networking or communication. Keep reading to learn more about it!

Reasons Why Twitter Is bad

1. Twitter Has A Low Barrier To Entry

One of the main reasons why Twitter is bad is because anyone can join with an e-mail address, making it very easy for people who are not interested in networking or communication to join.

This means that quickly viewing new updates on someone’s profile, for example: “Billy posted a new tweet! Click here!” isn’t really useful information if you are not looking to get into contact with Billy.

However, this also means that spam profiles are easier to create than other social media platforms, which results in lots of ‘fake news sites’ being created.

These fake news sites will often post clickbait articles and try to pass them off as real news, just so they can get more views. Click here to see a list of fake news sites that have been recently created on Twitter!

2. It’s A Platform For Spammers

Since anyone can join in with an e-mail address, it’s also very easy for people to swamp the network with spammy content.

Twitter is notorious for being used by brands who want to promote their products and services directly to users. Some companies have even started using bots to automatically tweet when certain words are typed in so they can increase engagement (speaking about product names etc.).

This might not bother you if you enjoy seeing these tweets, however, this often annoys other users who don’t appreciate spammy content.

Also, it’s not just businesses and brands who post spam on Twitter: there are also quite a few celebrity profiles that do this as well!

3. There Is No Quality Control

Twitter has very little quality control, which means that anyone can join and say whatever they like. 

Because there is no quality control, users often become spammed with fake news articles and other bad content. This makes Twitter a pretty unpleasant place to be at times.

4. There Is Too Much Duplicate Content

One user might tweet something hundreds of times (let’s say it’s a great piece of advice or content) and it will be retweeted or liked hundreds of times.

This makes your timeline quite unorganized and many users don’t like this kind of clutter in their timelines.

5. Twitter Is Poor For Networking

Since anyone can join and the barrier to entry is so low, you might find that people who aren’t interested in networking or communication often follow you on Twitter.

These profiles are usually just looking for a way to get quick traffic, such as through generating controversial opinions (which they then sell to advertisers).

This means that it would take a lot of time and effort before any actual networking could occur successfully, which doesn’t make Twitter a very useful platform for someone trying to build professional relationships.


So, in conclusion, there are many reasons why Twitter is bad. One of the main reasons is because it has a low barrier to entry which means that spammy content and spam profiles can get onto the platform very easily.

Because of this, lots of people find themselves being spammed by bots and celebrities on their timelines every day.

But it’s not just celebrities and businesses filling up your timeline: another reason that makes Twitter bad is that there is no quality control on the network which means that many users spend time sifting through tweets and articles that aren’t relevant to them.

And finally, since anyone can join on Twitter with an email address it is often difficult to build any sort of professional relationships with other users on the network, which makes Twitter a pretty useless platform if you are looking to network or build professional relationships.

Thanks for reading!