What To Do If Your Twitter Account Is Suspended

If you’re like most Twitter users, you rely on the platform to communicate with friends, followers, and customers. But what do you do if your Twitter account is suspended without warning? This article provides information on why accounts are suspended and how to appeal the suspension.

What To Do If Your Twitter Account Is Suspended

If you use Twitter to communicate with friends and followers, losing your account can be a big inconvenience. Fortunately, the majority of suspended accounts are restored quickly when users follow Twitter’s rules and submit an appeal when requested to do so.

Why Twitter Suspend Account

1. Impersonation

Twitter does not allow impersonation of others or misrepresentation of an affiliation with persons or brands that are in a position to speak for them. This ensures users can trust what they read on the platform and helps keep individuals safe from harm (such as cyber-bullying).

2. Threats Of Violence

Users are not permitted to make direct, specific threats of violence against an individual or group of people. The language used must be threatening enough to cause fear for personal safety.

3. Unlawful Use And Harassment

Twitter prohibits use of the platform by organizations involved in the following areas: unlawful purposes, commercial activities, unauthorized access to other computer networks, distribution of viruses or other code that have destructive properties, “phishing” or otherwise obtaining financial or other personal information in a misleading manner, spamming.

4. Spam 

Twitter restricts the use of any automated processes that attempt to register accounts, add friends, post tweets, retweet posts, send direct messages and follow users en masse. Twitter views any such activities as spam and disallows them on its platform.

Automated commercial interactions (including “follow back” accounts) are also considered to be spam and prohibited from using twitter’s service under this policy. Your account may also be suspended if you receive multiple complaints about your account being engaged with for this reason.

5. Username Squatting

Users must not engage in username squatting – registering or using an account name: with misleading, incorrect, or confusingly similar account names; that closely imitate or impersonate another well-known user of the platform; that is offensive, vulgar, defamatory, malicious, obscene, or otherwise objectionable.

6. Misuse Of Twitter Badge

Twitter badges represent a significant source of the traffic to websites and must not be used for promotional purposes without first obtaining consent from Twitter.

Using these badges on your website will lead to the suspension of your account if discovered by Twitter staff.

7. Malware/Phishing

Users may not publish or link to malicious content intended to damage or disrupt another person’s browser or computer or compromise a user’s privacy: malware – software intended to interfere with the operation of the network by corrupting data transmitted between computers or between a computer and an external device; viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other malicious code.

8. Unlawful Use

Users are not permitted to use Twitter for any unlawful purposes or to further illegal activities. This includes posting direct, specific threats of violence against others in violation of the law.

Steps To Recover Your Suspended Account

In instances where it is clear that no violation has been committed, Twitter provides an easy way for users to appeal account suspensions and have them overturned quickly. On their webpage here, Twitter offers a simple three-step process for submitting appeals:

Step 1)  Log in to your Twitter account:

Step 2) Click on the link located in the suspended account notification email:

Step 3) Provide a brief explanation of why your account should be unsuspended, and click submit.

It is important to note that Twitter does not regularly provide comments about whether or not an appeal has been granted or rejected, so you won’t know if they have reinstated your account until it comes back online. In addition, Twitter reviews appeals at their discretion and may suspend accounts for other reasons after the suspension has been lifted.  


To reiterate, the majority of Twitter account suspensions are lifted quickly once users follow Twitter’s rules and submit an appeal when asked to do so. 

If you have tried these steps with no success then it is likely that there is another underlying reason for this suspension which you will need to troubleshoot with the support team at Twitter – particularly if your account has been locked or suspended due to spam.

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